Monday, February 4, 2008

School Grrrl 2

Just a rough sketch colored in photoshop.


Anonymous said...


see you @ Heroes.

Billy George said...

I didnt know you had a blog T-Dog! Awesome stuff! I also saw that your sketchbook got a "Highly recommended" rating in Bud Plant. Very cool.

Ill add you to my links.

Tammy said...

I love your work ! So great !
Will you be coming to the Toronto comicon at all in 2008 to sell your book, or is it only available online ?

Tracy Mark Lee said...

Thanks Beeg. I stumbled across your the other night as well.

Tammy- no plans to go to Toronto. I'm thinking of doing Heros Con in Charlotte (my first official con to pimp my book) in June and will probably be in San Diego for the first couple of days.


the first couple of days at SDCC huh?

i was almost bummed that you were not going to be there at all

let us know if anything changes ok?

Perico said...

Hey Tracy good draw!!!! you can visit my blog and there are a draw of sitcom "Frasier" and "Married with children"? give me your opinion please!