Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mary Blair's Alice in color!


n69n said...


i'd stopped buying anything but i must make room in my life for *this*!

FanBabe said...

Hi Tracy,

I now own your Willow statue! Also, I'm a pal of Alberto Ruiz, and I hunted down your book at New York Comicon this past weekend. I got the very last one from the printer Carlos. So it had plenty of geeks touching it. Also, very busy show, I'm so tired from it.

I see you been keeping busy, and normally, I'm can only afford to be a fan of my friends' stuff, and other people I connect with at conventions. I been spreading the word about your stuff to all my other comic industry pals, and maybe I will see you at a show! Then I can geek out more. Keep up the beautiful designs!

And Happy Valentine's Day!

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

Wow, nice blog here! I've been to the Tiki site a few times, but never realised you had a blog as well, great stuff people, I am a big fan of the stuff Electric Tiki releases.

Tracy Mark Lee said...

Fanbabe, thanks. I would love to do a con to pimp my own artwork, but I just get a bit freaked out by the whole thing. If it were just a day as opposed to 3 or 4 it would be much easier. Someday though.

Hey Patrick, I appreciate the kind words. You do some awesome stuff yourself.



angie said...

Loving your work (and portfolio on your official site). You must feel so fortunate to have worked on some of the best Disney films, im quite jealous! Could you show more of your animation work (Nala was a fave, she deserved more attention)

Keep up the great stuff!


Tracy Mark Lee said...

Thanks Angie, I'm especially proud of young Nala since she and young Simba were the first characters ever supervised at the Florida Disney studio.