Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jetta pin up

I was honored to be asked to do a pin up celebrating Dan DeCarlo's space teenager Jetta. The book, by Craig Yoe, is set to be released this week and can be ordered through online retailers such as Bud Plant and Many other artists contributed pin ups too, such as Dean Yeagle, Stephen Silver, Craig McCracken, Scott Toleson, Ben Tan, and Jenny Lerew. I was asked to post a few other pin ups besides my own, but I have no idea how to separate the pdf files into individual Jpegs. In any case, please check it out!


LLToon said...

I knew I should have checked your blog more often. Now I really want that book after hearing it from Stephen Silver and Bill Presing promoting it on their blogs.

It's refreshing to see new art from you, I'd say this book is definitely a steal for me! :D

Gulzar said...

LOVED IT! love your blog you know :)