Thursday, May 3, 2007

Never in my life...

...did I think I'd ever "blog". First of all, I never thought I'd have enough semi interesting things to say on a regular basis. I still don't which is why I'm basically going to be using this as an online sketchbook. My first official post is to plug a book that I've been putting together for a couple of months now. It's called ironically enough, "Tiki, T-Dog & Whatnot", the same name as my brand new blog! It will be published by the super talented Alberto Ruiz through his Brand Studio company. Hopefully the artwork will hold up to the presentation as it will be a nice hardback with over 40 pages of full color. Over 200 drawings, sketchs, concepts and a few pieces that may qualify as actual illustrations, but the focus is on the rough stuff. This is the "almost" final cover. Let me know what you think. BTW, please use your real name when posting comments and promise I will do the same in return.


Scott Tolleson said...

Congrats Tracy! Can't wait to pick this up!!!

Lar said...

I hope you'll set up an email announcement function so I don't forget to get my copy as soon as it's out.

Long time fan, first time stalker.

All the best~

PixelCreatures said...

As a collector and HUGE fan of Electric Tiki all I can say is:

When does it come out, man? when?!? WHEN???!!!

As a Designer I can tell you the cover looks very nice. I'm a retro sci-fi geek so I've always loved Holly Starlite and I'm glad you're using her for the cover -she doesn't deserve less than that. (Do you still have her maquette in stock, btw?)

Anyways, stay in touch and keep doing what you're doing man! 'cause we're lovin' it!

Jorge Baeza
Character Designer

Animal Qwacker said...

I just saw samples on Alberto's blog and followed you here. The book looks amazing sir and I hope it does well!

-Bob Renzas

T-dog said...

I appreciate all the nice words. The books should be here any day now. Yay!