Wednesday, May 23, 2007


If you are like I am, you never look at your own work with too kind of an eye. i used to kind of like the original piece (on the bottom), but now every time I see it , I realize just how bad of a drawing it is. I was just learning Photoshop, but that's no excuse for the bad drawing. I decided to revisit it recently after 10 odd years to see what I could learn from it. It's by no means a big success, but I like it better. The chunky chick is a bit more dimensional and her skull doesn't look so wacky.


Anonymous said...

The new one is definitely more dimensional. But I still like the bottom images face and hair more.

Process Junkie said...

I do know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I look at some of the old stuff and ask myself "did I do that?"

It does show you've gained from experience but there's a lot ofcharm to that old drawing, I still like it.

PixelCreatures said...

I'm sure we've all been in that situation where we look back at our old projects and go "ugh" although the rest of the world may not even notice.

In my point of view, it definitely shows a lot of improvement on your end. This last one is definitely the style I'm familiar with. It rocks.

So is the book going to be ready before or after the Comic Con? Fanboy #1 wants to know.

T-dog said...

Thanks for the comments guys!


I can't imagine the book will be ready by Comic Con, since I literally just finished it. Heck, I think I'm just going down for Preview night since I couldn't get a room. I'll post news as soon as I know.


BEN said...

UAO! Fantastic this post! It's wonderful to see the difference!
The lines, the dynamic, every single movement of the figure take life!!!
thanks to post it!
compliments for the blog!